TODD BUSCH is a registered professional engineering in B.C., Ontario, and California and is a Board Certified Member of the Institute of Noise Control Engineers (INCE Bd. Cert.)


ARCHITECTURE & BUILDINGS ENGINEERING TBC provides professional services in support of better building design with a focus on room acoustics, impact insulation, noise control, sound transmission, and vibration isolation. TBC provides design guidelines and criteria, features and performance specifications, comprehensive drawing review, and on-going value engineering. These contributions address essential architectural features, building mechanical / electrical / plumbing / piping systems, and elements of importance to structural dynamics. By working towards a common goal with clients and owners, the results for design will be the enhanced utility of your project. A value-engineered project is a more valued project. This will become ever more important as the world’s wants and needs grow for construction that is lean and sustainable.

ENVIRONMENTAL NOISE & VIBRATION STUDIES TBC provides professional services in support of better environmental compliance. TBC provides significance criteria, impact analysis, and recommended mitigation measures for both construction activities and project operations. These noise management contributions address noise / vibration sources, propagation paths, and potentially sensitive receivers. By working towards a common goal with clients and owners, the results for permitting will be relevant, accurate, and defensible. A well-studied project is a welcome project.

INDUSTRIAL / MANUFACTURING / MECHANICAL ENGINEERING TBC provides professional services for engineering in practice areas related to: optimization of complex systems; integration of tools, processes, machines, and equipment; and design, production, production and operation of tools. TBC provides a focus on mathematical proficiency and quantitative methods to support your business objectives by achieving results with increasing quality at optimal expenditure. The engineer makes these contributions through knowledge of mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, materials science, and structural analysis.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT TBC provides professional services for project management to each industry or mission as a driver to create a unique product or service. TBC provides a focus on the goals, resources, and constraints of projects so as to achieve on-time, on-budget results. These contributions are essential applications of knowledge, skills, and techniques to effectively and efficiently execute project management. By contributing to strategic organizational competence, TBC ties results to business goals and marketplace competitiveness. A project manager develops and performs best within a variety of organizational cultures as a result of maturing along a career path that includes both training and education.

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